Tissue Paper Dispensers

The company offers to you the multipurpose Tissue Paper Dispensers. Facial Tissue Paper Dispenser have become a must for the protection from day today usage because of increasing smoke, dust, and other pollutants. These help in maintaining overall care of the face and hands. We offer Tissue Paper Dispensers in two categories. The first model JRD200 is easy in operation and a utility product. Our Toilet Tissue Paper Dispenser has found a place in public places like hotels, restaurant, and in your kitchens and restrooms etc. These work over the sensors fitted in it. They consume a little power to run. It may significantly contribute in saving paper and environment.

The dispensers are available in designs of steel and offer high quality matter to give you a service for years. S V Enterprises is determined to its clients giving them complete safety from any kind of threats to the health. The company’s quality control department ensures the comfort of the user while the usage with the complete safety from the germs.