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Tissue Paper Dispensers
Fully Automatic Hand Dryers
Auto Shoe Polish Machines
Fly Catcher/Insect Killer
Air Curtains
Q-Up Stands/Barricades
Cleaning Equipments
Stainless Steel Hygiene Bins


company profile

S V Enterprises is providing individual and community hygiene solutions to people in and outside the Bangalore city. The company takes pleasure in offering Aerosol Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Tissue Paper Dispensers, Fully Automatic Hand Dryers, Auto Shoe Polish Machines, Fly Catcher/Insect Killer, Air Curtains, Q-Up Stands/Barricades, Cleaning Equipments, Stainless Steel Hygiene Bins for a better health and living on every level. We at S V Enterprises are equally concerned about the welfare of each partner in the society younger or older, where health and hygiene is one of the building pillars of your way forward.  We cater to every scale of order to attain healthy surroundings at home, work place, places of common use open premises or the covered.     

Health is always a major factor in any stage in our lives and people go a long way to get a promising health for the fine working of their professional lives, businesses, jobs, and for the overall well being. Now by our expertise and your desire together we can make a positive change in a land where the hygiene is most indifferently treated.

In a little span of service the brand has managed to create difference by spreading awareness among people through the promotion of our paying products.

Our Dream:

The company has visualized a world of healthy living available to everybody. We had well in advance judged the value of cleanliness in personal and professional life. Each and every product we promote and market contributes in the same. You may pick just any product like, Soap Dispensers, there are more areas of concern than anyone may guess. A soap must not only be able to clean hands but it need to be stored in hygienic conditions. How can you expect a soap which is already kept in a poor state delivering the level of safety from the germs?

The company is abide by the personal and public heath in this direction we have reached out people from all the backgrounds crossing the roadblocks like language, economic state, beliefs, educational standards and much more to convince the people with our dream and the value of good health.

At each point our products serve an essential duty of gaining the desired level of hygiene. To have this company has set up a strong and well spread infrastructure in producing and maintaining the product quality every time. We also want to go ahead in reaching out the major markets in the state and out of it too. For this purpose we have hired the talented professionals working in the heat and the chill of the weather. 
Future Plans:

S V Enterprises looks the future world a better place for living. With the all around advancements in each sphere of life, technology seems to revolutionize almost every sector relating to the human being, can we dream to stay on living with the older unacceptable concepts of basic hygiene, which totally fails to handle modern age health issues and challenges. Our innovative products surely contribute in eradicating the hazardous germs and stops from further spreading.

We intend to reach new markets with the confidence that the house keeping and hygiene products we will supply to individuals and institutions will prove their mettle the usage. It is going to boost the mutual trust among the company and the parties. So far these products have been completely successful in the goal of serving the users with satisfaction. We have been receiving a positive feedback about the performance of the products from all the sides through mails, phone call and even from the word of mouth. We have thoroughly been satisfied with the response we have received from the market. It has been our inspiration to work more on the products and make them more user friendly in the time to come. Our associates are assisting us to spread the basic hygiene products in other parts of the country, and we wish to continue to do so.

Quality Assurance: Before launching any product in the market we S V Enterprises conduct extensive research to judge the demand of it. Even after the launch each piece is thoroughly tested to provide satisfactory service to the clients. A much stress is being laid on the Quality Assurance part of  Aerosol Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Tissue Paper Dispensers, Fully Automatic Hand Dryers, Auto Shoe Polish Machines, Fly Catcher/Insect Killer, Air Curtains, Q-Up Stands/Barricades, Cleaning Equipments, Stainless Steel Hygiene Bins, earlier to providing the products to the clients. As the name we have earned through endless hard work since the foundation stone was laid in 2007. The product carries LED and LCD standards of international reputation through the ongoing hard work.